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The Publication Manager

Create a job once, publish everywhere

€25 pm
€245 py

Increase your reach

Of course you can use Jobtimiser only to publish your jobs on your own job board on But even better is to publish your jobs on as many job boards as possible. That’s why we offer you the possibility to publish your job on free, paid or social media channels. With just one click.

The job application forms can be found on your own job board and all applications will be forwarded to you by e-mail. Do you want to review the applicants in Jobtimiser? Alone or within a team? Then our subscription Recruitment Manager comes in handy.

As opposed to publishing jobs directly on job boards, you don’t have to register for each job board independently. We will do that for you. So that’s quick and easy!

Download the list of job boards.

Our free job boards

Jobtimiser has technical connections with several free job boards in the Netherlands. Because the amount of free job boards changes constantly, we keep track of the current availability. Hence you can be sure that your job will always be published on actual and active job boards.

Our paid job boards

With more than 200 different job boards we can understand you don’t know which job board to publish on. That’s why we offer you free advice on which job boards fit your job best. Additionally we can give you a discount when you obtain 3 or more paid channels, to a maximum of 25% of the total price.

Social Media

We not only offer job boards, but you can also publish your job on Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin. This is possible on your company account or page, but also on your personal account depending on your settings.


The subscription to the Publication Manager is 25 euro per month and you can unsubscribe monthly. Of course you can obtain our yearly subscription too: you get two months for free and pay only 250 euro!